[Podcast] Puno Puno on Instagram & Making Friends with Strangers

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I am fond of saying that, "questions are the answer to everything." 

But it wasn't until my recent interview with Puno Puno for the HOW Design Live Podcast that I got to talk in detail about why questions are so important. 

Speaking of which, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from creative freelancers lately about Instagram: they want to know:

  • what to post on Instagram

  • how to network on Instagram and...

  • what’s up with all those hashtags?

That’s why I invited Puno Puno, (that's her first and last name -- listen to find out what it used to be), an Instagram Expert (@punodostres) & Influencer, to kick off the Creative Freelancer Track at HOW Design Live next week in Chicago.

She's also the force behind ilovecreatives.com and PeopleMap.co, an Instagram Marketing Tool. 

Anyway, Puno and I talked all about her sessions – she’s actually giving 3 at HOW -- and then our conversation took a turn into the realm of curiosity and we spent a lot of time talking about questions, which is one of my favorite topics of conversation.

We talked about how to ask the right questions, how to use questions to make the right impression and why it’s especially important to ask questions when you are afraid to look stupid. (I know from personal experience and not asking enough questions is actually one of my biggest regrets in life so far.)

So listen here and learn, and then join us in Chicago, May 7-10.

Puno's sessions are:

  • How to Make Friends with Strangers

  • Instagram for Freelancers

  • Learn to Design & Build with Squarespace (a workshop)

If you haven’t got your ticket yet. It’s not too late. In fact you can get 10% off with my promo code: MENTOR10 when you register at HOWDesignLive.com


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