[Podcast] Here's how I handle the money conversation

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While I'm prepping for Hurricane Dorian (which seems to be weakening -- fingers crossed), check out this brand new podcast interview I did with Kyle Carpenter on the Clients from Hell podcast.

Not only did I explain how I learned to love the money conversation (I really do love it, which I realize makes me a little weird).

But at the end, I took the opportunity to articulate a new "money talk" technique I've been using for some of the big projects I work on. It works! See what you think.  Scroll down for more about what Kyle and I discussed.

We also talked about: 

  • How to slow down the conversation when someone is trying to pry a price from you
  • How to get their budget without them giving it to you
  • How to make sure they understand your value before you start talking price
  • How I gracefully decline a prospective client that isn't a good fit 
  • Why "Send me a proposal" is not a good thing to hear from a prospect
  • How to stop guessing at the price and instead ask the questions that elicit the information you need  

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