[Podcast] #381 How to Make Your Marketing About Your Clients with Adam Fairhead

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Adam Fairhead of Fairhead Creative is a kindred spirit, albeit younger and with a British accent.

He approached me earlier in the year to be on the MarketingMentorPodcast.com and he’s one of the few I said yes to.

Wanna know why?

Because we're preaching the same message: That marketing isn’t about you. It’s about putting the people you wish to serve at the center.

If you suspect your marketing is still just too much about you, you will appreciate and learn a lot from this episode. In our conversation we talked mostly about 2 things: Adam's book, Marketing Isn’t About You, which, truth be told, I wish I had written. (You can download it here: https://fairhead.net/ilise)

We also talked about how he and his team uses personalized video to get the attention of their target market – cause-driven companies and organizations.

Listen here or below:


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