[Podcast] #353 Kevin Rogers of Copy Chief on Finding Your “Bat Signal Talent”

What's the difference between "bat signal talent" and "bat signal content?"

That's the question for this week’s podcast episode with Kevin Rogers, founder of Copy Chief, (the community and the live event this Oct 23-25). (Kevin and I are also both be speaking this year at AWAI’s Copywriting Bootcamp, Oct 17-20, which is sold out but they still have tickets for the virtual bootcamp, which you can join from anywhere.)

It's kind of a funny story how we came to have this "bat-signal" conversation.

You see, we have both been using the phrase “bat-signal” in our efforts to teach freelancers how to take control of their business and get the work they want.

But while Kevin talks about "bat signal talent," I have been talking about “bat signal content,” which are actually 2 sides of the same coin.

Listen here or below to this conversation in which we each share out point of view and then find the threads that connect the two ideas! 

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