If your content marketing isn't working....[QTMM 2/15/18]

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I know why your content marketing isn't working... 

Finding the right prospects is the biggest marketing challenge you have, right?

We all know that you just can't afford to be wasting your time on prospects who don't value your services and can't pay for them.

But how do you attract those good ones?  

There is no magic formula, of course, but I have a new idea that could be part of the solution.

I shared it for the first time when I spoke at Owner Summit in a new talk called, "The Art of Attracting Your Best Prospects." (View it on SlideShare)

So here it is in a nutshell. 

I've noticed there are 2 types of content marketing. The first type demonstrates your expertise and your services, which is okay, but probably not very compelling to your clients. 

But what if your content were like a "bat signal" for your best prospects, for your dream clients?

What if it addressed their most pressing issues and they could hear it above all the noise? That would attract the right ones and probably even at the right time!

I am calling this 2nd type "qualifying content" because it does the qualifying for you. 

Here's an example using blog post content, with a focus on the headline.

Which is more compelling and engaging?

"Video: The Next Must-Have Marketing Tool" 


"Does Your Web Site Drive Your Donors Away?" 

Notice that the first one isn't bad, but it doesn't scare your prospects. And it should.

Let's face it, people want to avoid pain. So if your content can help them do that, it will be a "bat signal" and draw them to you. (To see some excellent examples of this type of compelling content by actual creative professionals, join the next Bat Signal Content Marketing Zoom session.)

Make sense?  

This idea first came up in the interview I did with Terri Trespicio and Paula Rizzo on their new radio show. You can listen to that here.

BTW if you aren't sure if your content is a bat signal, I'll tell you what I think. Just try my free mentoring session and we will look at it together.

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