[Podcast] #343 How to Get Clients from Speaking Gigs with Terri Trespicio

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As a mentor who teaches creative professionals how to creatively promote their services, I am often asked how I promote myself. Because of course I have to practice what I preach, otherwise, what good would I be?

I stick to 2 main marketing tools: networking in person and content marketing, especially writing, podcasting and speaking.

But I would have to say that speaking to groups of creative professionals is -- hands down -- my most effective marketing tool.

And while it’s not right for everyone, I do think it’s right for more people than actually use it to promote their services.

I understand -- there is a lot you have to learn to be a good speaker – and finding the right idea to speak is one of the hardest parts.

So when I heard that my friend Terri Trespicio, a 2X TEDx speaker was offering a brand new 2 day workshop called Tapped to Speak (which is being held June 7-8 in NYC), I wanted to be involved.

Beyond just spreading the word as an affiliate for the event, we came up with the idea of offering a free webinar to the Marketing Mentor community to share a bit about how to get clients from speaking gigs and a lot more.

So this week's podcast episode is the audio version of the webinar. In it, we covered a lot of territory, including:

  • Mistakes speakers (even veterans) make
  • How to get people to listen
  • How to get people to laugh
  • How to get people to stay in touch
  • How to get clients from a speaking gig
  • How to get started with speaking if you've never done it before
  • Should you host your own events?

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