[New] 3 Simple Strategies for Content Marketing That You'll Actually Do

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Most creative professionals I talk to have no problem with the idea that they need to promote themselves. The big obstacle is figuring out what their content should be -- that stops so many of you in your tracks!

That's where I come in.

I've been helping most clients develop their own original content lately. Here are 3 strategies we've been choosing from:

1. Write a white paper or case study, then chop it up into regular blog posts and send it out in an email newsletter. 

That's what Stephanie Helline of Strategic Design Studio does. With a focus on the healthcare market, she hires a writer to develop a quarterly white paper. The blog and newsletter material is derived from that white paper. She's got 7 meaty white papers up so far. And here's how it looks on the blog

2. Write regular blog posts, then compile them into an email newsletter.

That's what web designer/developer, Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design does. She makes custom WordPress sites for creative professionals so her content is always relevant to her target market. Lately she's been writing a lot about her process -- she's refined it over the years and everyone wants to know how she gets everything to go so smoothly. Plus, she's grown her email list by 300% since we've been working together on her content. (Read the case study here.)

3. Write a regular email newsletter, then post each "issue" to your web site or blog.

  • That's what Andrew Faulkner of Afstudio does quarterly (or so) -- find them here
  • Tiffany Butler of Whole Brain Creative does the same thing too, but monthly -- find them here

If you want help developing your content, let's talk. Take advantage of the free mentoring session I offer and we can brainstorm some ideas for you.

It's not as hard as you may imagine, I can promise you that! 

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