NEW: Creative Freelance Summit July 20-21, 2021

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How do you find good clients?

You know, the ones who value your expertise enough to pay you what you’re worth?

That’s the question we’ll answer in this new virtual summit hosted by HOW Design and curated by me!

This summit is created specifically for self employed creative professionals, from solopreneurs to small agency owners, whether you’re freelancing full time or on the side.

In 2 half days, you’ll learn what you need to have in place to set the foundation for the clients you want and how to connect with them and confidently close the deal. Details here: 

Here's what I've got planned for you (watch the video here):

For Day 1, we’ll focus on getting all your ducks in a row. So I will start us off with a welcome session called, "Set the Right Mindset for Success." Then:

  • Pam Foster will show you how to pick a niche
  • Danielle Hughes will show you how to build your “personality brand” and stand out in a sea of sameness
  • Julie Cortes will show you how to train yourself, your clients and, if necessary, your family and friends. 

For Day 2, we’ll focus in on the most effective marketing tools -- so you can forget about everything else. So you'll hear from:

  • Lisa Mullis to show you how to write scroll-stopping subject lines and headlines that will get attention.
  • A panel of creative professionals just like you who are practicing what I preach and will share exactly what they’re doing and how it’s working so you can follow their excellent examples instead of spinning your wheels or starting from scratch. You'll hear from Stephanie Helline, Kevin Kernan, Conrad Winter, Sarah Pike, Jennifer Leonardson and Aaron Dougherty
  • Me again -- I will wrap it all up by showing you how to close the deal.

In these 2 days you will learn all you need to know to leave the feast or famine syndrome behind once and for all. So won’t you join us on July 20 and 21st?

Early bird price ends soon -- details and registration here:

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