Need a sample agreement for your creative services business?

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Today's blog post is short and sweet and very rich, in more ways than one!

If you don't have a simple client agreement, you know what happens. (Read this to see you're not alone.)

here are 2 examples to adapt for your own purposes:

1. For a solo creative pro -- shared by Marketing Mentor client, Jill Anderson of

2. For digital agencies -- shared by The Bureau of Digital at Owner Summit 2018. 

From the beginning, digital studios large and small have leaned on contracts, SOWs, and MSAs that weren’t quite right. Either they were based on agreements that had been created for a different industry or hired lawyers that didn’t quite understand the nuances of the work. Well, that changes now thanks to Gabe Levine of Groundwork Legal and Josh Barrett of CreateLegal. Together they have created The Bureau Standard Agreement for Digital Services. You can request your copy here.

From Gabe and Josh:
"The aim of The Bureau Agreement is not just to provide a form that you can trust. We also hope to make the playing field a bit more level."

And if you need models or samples of proposals, check out the Proposal Bundles in the Marketing Mentor Shop. 


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