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I’ve been in business for ten years—and do you know how many people have helped me along the way? Too many to count! And I’m super-thankful.

That’s why I love meeting new freelancers and trying to help them be confident and prepared sooner with fewer detours along the way.

I always talk about efficiency, and while I love saving myself time, I also love saving others’ time because it has a snowball effect. For example, I only have 24-hours in my day. Maybe I can save one hour by being super-efficient. But if I can save 100 people 1 hour each day, that’s 200 hours saved per day! So if I can save you time, money or aggravation by having a secure contract…well I’m excited just thinking about it!

Anyway, one of my attempts at paying it forward is by sharing my contract (so you never start a project without an agreement).

If you don’t have one, please use it as a model so you can confidently embark on projects and have your butt covered.

In my latest blog post, I share the highlights of the contract to make sure nothing gets missed. Read it and download my contract here: Does your contract include these items?

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