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Note: This is a guest post by Marleen Martinez, a copywriter and content creator specializing in the Orlando film and entertainment Industry, who is also a member of AWAI's GRO Business Incubator. 


Alternate title: How You Treat Your Business is the Difference Between Success and Failure

"If you take care of your business, it'll take care of you," is one of those refrains Ilise Benun's fond of saying. And as with most repeated sayings, they sometimes get filed in the back of your mind until your brain is ready to pay attention.

The last time I heard her say this was in a great bonus video I got from her Simplest Marketing Plan (part of the Cyber Monday Sale), called "How to Care Less and Make More."

It's a fantastic plan (and video) and I highly recommend it.

(I believe it's still at a discounted price so go, go, go!)

Anyway, back to the topic on hand. She said this and was followed up by Terri Trespicio saying "If you treat your business badly, talk bad about it, undercharge, it can't take care of you."

(She's also brilliant so follow her!)

It was at that moment when Ilise's refrain finally clicked in my head.

From it came the realization that I have a responsibility, a duty, to my business because I am the one who created it.

Not taking care of it stops it from being able to do its primary goal, which is to take care of me.

What that looks like is different for everyone:

  • Are you marketing, but undercharging?
  • Are you saying negative things?
  • Are you putting all the effort into helping your clients, but not taking the time to care for your budget?
  • Not making that "collection" call?
  • Not putting your foot down with that client?

Then you're in dereliction of duty. You are currently neglecting the well-being of your business.

And that was me.

I kept putting things off for one reason or another, giving everything to clients and not demanding even reasonable treatment.

Do I love my business? Yes. Then why do I treat it so poorly?

Because I didn't see the connection and it was easier to bury my head in the sand than deal with some of these intimidating subjects.

My promise to myself now is this: The health of business is my responsibility.

Suck it up, buttercup.

I wanted this, it's time to do everything in my power to grow Marleen Writes into the best business it can be.

My accountability group is my "Mommy and Me" get-togethers and I'm so grateful to my fellow Business Parents.

We're going to do this and kick butt while we do.

If you need to take better care of your business in 2023 too, the Simplest Marketing Plan can help. Check it out.

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