Is Social Media All That? [QTMM 1-15-19]

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Why do so many people think they should be posting constantly on social media? As if it’s the most effective marketing tool out there!

If you have my new Simplest Marketing Planner for 2019, you may have noticed that it doesn't call for a lot of social media.

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Don’t get me wrong – social media can be effective, especially when:

  • you know who you're trying to reach and which platform they use (if any)
  • you know what message they need to hear (i.e. the one that will make them reach out to you)
  • you use it in tandem with my top 3 marketing tools for 2019: strategic networking, targeted outreach and high quality content marketing.

But social media by itself is not the “be all, end all” everyone imagines it to be.
As with many things, just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t mean you should too.

That said, there are 3 effective ways to use social media:
1. Use social media for positioning. When a prospect lands on your social media profile, it should be clear to them what you stand for and if they are a good prospect for you.
2. Use social media for connecting, introducing yourself to someone new and staying in touch with everyone else. If you're reaching the right people, it will definitely keep you top of mind.
3. Use social media for sharing. This is where content marketing meets social media. This is the main role social media plays in my Simplest Marketing Planner for 2019.

And if you're using the same social media platforms for professional and personal purposes, your message may be diluted -- not good!

Be strategic and remember: what you share bears directly on how you are perceived (i.e. your positioning).

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