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This is me last week trying something totally new as an intro to my talk, "Cracking the Code: The Art of Making Meaningful Connections."

I decided I needed a stronger opening -- stronger than my usual self promotion, "here's who I am" bullet points (an occupational hazard). 

So I tried starting with "Why I'm here" in the first place -- and it wasn't to give a talk. I said,

"I'm here to connect. To talk to people in real time and to learn from them. There's no other reason to attend a live event, in my opinion."

I think that new opening worked -- I got some good feedback and some excellent tweets. Here are a few of my favorites, captured pithily by Dan Mall:


Listen to my "Revolve Conference" podcast interviews with a selection of this year's speakers, including Dan Mall, Cheryl Smithem, Thomas Heath and Katie Kern. 

And you can find the presentation slides and other takeaways from Revolve 2017 speakers on the blog

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