Improve Your Money Mindset

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I loved my recent conversation with Laura Gale and Rachel Mazza on the Business of Writing Podcast about the "money mindset" needed to be successfully self employed. 

They asked me such good questions, which gave me a chance to articulate even more clearly the way I think about this -- and of course, these ideas apply liberally to creative professionals of all types, including designers and strategists, illustrators and photographers and probably you too!

Here are the top takeaways...

  • Why I think you’ve been brainwashed to avoid marketing your business
  • Busting through mental money blocks that stop you from earning more
  • How to make money negotiations a conversation instead of a confrontation
  • Why promoting your creative on social media may NOT be a good idea
  • How to create a marketing plan for your business that works for you and your personality 
  • How to break out of the “low paying client’ cycle and work with clients who are happy to pay you more 
  • Understanding the difference between “worth” and “value” when pricing your services 
  • How to develop great collaborative relationships with your clients
  • The 3 simple action steps you can do over and over again to get a flood of great clients 
  • How to meet potential prospects and develop a genuine relationship with them

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