Do Your Clients Want Everything Instantly?

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I like getting things fast just as much as the next person.

I like it when my groceries are ready for pick up when I get to the store.

As a major fan of efficiency, parts of me love this tech-forward world of instant gratification that we live in.

But as a creative business owner and freelancer, a big part of me struggles with it.

The expectations that come from my clients are changing.

Everybody wants things faster. Faster! Faster!

And even though I’m constantly enhancing my workflow to maximize time, a strategically designed and developed custom WordPress website still takes time! Actual time. Not two days. Not two weeks. And hey, maybe some people can pull it off. But it’s not how I work, it’s not how I achieve the best quality for my clients, and it’s not the kind of business I want to run.

If you also need time to do your best work, then you need to have strong boundaries. This is one of the things I've worked on with Ilise over the years. So here are some resources from the blog to help you set and enforce your own boundaries: 


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