I See Your Potential – Do You?

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You want to know what’s most frustrating for me as a “marketing mentor and coach?”

I can see the potential in your business that you don’t see – yet. But sometimes, you don’t believe what I see.

My goal is to help you see it for yourself.

But until you do, you might avoid or put off “doing your marketing” because you see it as something unpleasant.

Sometimes, even mentioning the word “marketing” is a problem for folks.

If that’s you, I have a feeling this comment from my recent LinkedIn Poll about whether doing your marketing feels like a “second job” will resonate:

I love how she re-frames “marketing” as thinking of herself as “an individual who has something to give.” That’s the epitome of “generosity as a marketing tool.”

Because that’s really what it’s all about…
  • Noticing who might need your help…
  • Helping where you can…
  • And connecting with people on a human level.

I don’t want you to be too concerned with the word "marketing” or compartmentalize it as this "thing" you "have to do."

Instead, think about it as connecting naturally, human-to-human, as you go about your day…

With a little strategy on your side to help it work faster.

Many of my clients and Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) members are really grasping the power of doing their marketing. Some even have that “good problem” of too much work right now – in August, no less! And their businesses are in a much happier, steadier place because of it.

It may take a few months before you see results.

But when you keep doing a little bit every day (they don’t call me “Baby Steps Benun” for nothin’)… by this time next year, you will see it for yourself.

Marketing works – when you do it! And that’s when your business will take off and thrive because of it.

Want to see the future of your business right now? Watch visual artist, Antonio Meza, sum it up in his cartoon recap of our last Office Hours, here.

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