I refuse to feel bad about what I'm not doing

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I can't stop thinking about this tweet I saw last week. 

It speaks to me about business (not romance), about being my own boss.

You see, what I love about being self employed (or "professionally autonomous") is the wide and deep arena it offers for self knowledge and experimentation. 

I use my business to learn -- about the world, about other people, about marketing (of course) and about business, but especially about myself.

It's like having my own private laboratory. 

And while it's important to know my strengths, after 30 years in this lab, I have finally begun to appreciate my weaknesses -- without feeling bad about them. 

No matter what anyone sees from the outside, no matter now impressed someone may be by what I've accomplished, I know the truth about myself. I know what I'm not doing.

I also know that while I"m doing my best every day, I will never be doing everything I can – there will always be more I could be doing, if I pushed myself a little bit harder, woke up a little bit earlier. 

That’s fine – no reason to beat myself up.

And one day, I just may get there.

In the meantime, it's only through these regularly embarrassing (but private) moments of awareness that I will know what to improve. 

I may be "deeply embarrassed," but it's my little secret. And I refuse to feel bad about any of it. 

Here's something else I refuse to do....

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