[Podcast] How to turn a speaking gig into content

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If you sent out your email marketing newsletter and someone responded with an invitation to speak on that topic at an event, would you say yes?

Well, that's what happened to Marketing Mentor client, Tiffany Butler of Whole Brain Creative. She sent out a message with some ideas about how to retain existing clients and got back an invitation to give a short presentation to a group of local business owners.

Like many creative professionals, who prefer to be in the audience rather than on stage, her first instinct was to say no.

But instead, she asked for my advice.

And I, of course, could see multiple potential benefits, if she approached it strategically.

So I encouraged her to accept the invitation, which she did.

Then we did a podcast about it for the HOW Design Live podcast.

Listen in on our brainstorming session, where the goal was to strategically figure out how many types of content Tiffany could make out of that 45 min presentation.

Listen here (or below) and learn....  

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