How to keep the conversation going on LinkedIn

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Wow, lots of people are sharing what's working on LinkedIn and adding it to their 30 minutes a day. 

In response to my Quick Tip last week, The Best New Way to Find Your Best Prospects on LinkedIn, I got lots of messages from people sharing what's working for them, including the one below.

This is also something we're focusing on in the Small Accountability & Coaching Groups. In fact, one member said this yesterday: 

In this group process, I have learned so much about how to find and reach out to people on the internet and thru LinkedIn -- that alone has been very valuable to me.

You really must try this if you're not already.

I also showed how it works in the Office Hours for April's Simplest Marketing Plan -- watch that here or below.


Lisa Mullis of Paraphrase Communications wrote,
Yesterday I got a request for a connection from someone I didn’t know so after I accepted (and I usually check to make sure they’re legit), I sent a personal message to her asking what led her to reach out and what projects she was currently working on.
Her response: 
"Your background as a copywriter and designer led me to want to connect with you. I do not have any specific needs right now but I was hoping to connect with copywriters/graphic designers in case we move to make changes on our site.”
So this exchange proves the point you were making about LI being a good place for prospecting and the value in responding back to these requests for connections. Now I’m kind of kicking myself for not doing this always when I’ve received these requests from strangers. You never know unless you ask!

It all starts with my Quick Tips. So if you don't get them already, sign up for them here.)

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