How to fearlessly leverage your network (like Sweta Vikram did)

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Sweta Vikram at her book launch hosted by Lululemon

One of the things I love about LinkedIn, the social media platform for professionals, is that it is the home not only of your personal brand, but also of your Rolodex.

Because the thing is, you may not realize just how many connections you already have, especially if you’ve been in the workforce for a while, like I have.

And even better, you probably have no idea who your connections are connected to and therefore who you have access to through the magic of the LinkedIn platform.

That’s one of the lessons in today’s episode.

I spoke to Sweta Vikram, an international speaker, coach and author of 13 books and counting -- about how she got a recent book launch hosted by Lululemon in their Manhattan.

In this conversation, I pressed her to tell us exactly how that came about. So even if you don’t have a book to launch, there are lessons here for how to be unafraid and make the most of your connections.

So listen here (or below) and learn.

This episode was inspiring to several who shared what they learned by turning their responses into excellent examples of content marketing:

For more on how to use LinkedIn to grow your network:

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