How I think about offering guidance (on a Sunday morning)

On a Sunday morning, I think about the work I do as "helping creative people become autonomous and thrive. And that usually involves marketing."

It is not exactly life and death, like the work of Atul Gawande, physician and author of Being Mortal

However, there is a definite life-affirming quality to it, as my clients and I learn and grow together.

That is why I love this quote from Gawande's recent interview with Krista Tippett on the On Being Podcast

And that idea is that you are a genuine counselor. The only way you can offer wisdom is by connecting what you know and have observed about what happens with various things to the goals that this individual person has. The art of it is, can I extract, can I listen well enough, can I extract from this conversation enough to tell me what you really care about, to give you some guidance along the way here?

That is hard. 

You can listen to (or read the transcript of) their beautiful interview here.