How has your business evolved?

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I did a lot of research for my new article on the evolution of a creative business, “From Start to Smart,” (coming out in the September edition of HOW), and for the companion webinar (this Thursday, August 18th). 

This week, as a preview, we’re talking about how businesses evolve, and the experiences that creatives have encountered along the way.  The upcoming article and webcast will cover the whole process of evolution—from starting out—to promo materials, websites, growing, changing, maturity and more. 

Let’s get started…

Does your name still represent you?

When we start out, we name our businesses. Then, a few years in—we sometimes realize that our name no longer represents our offerings. Many times, our offerings have evolved.

Pamela Saxon shared her thoughts on her business name:

Originally, I just started my freelance graphic design business so I could stay at home with my children, and it was all about doing the "one-off" projects so I could get back to my kids. I didn't have any long-term goals or plans. Saxon Design made sense at the time.

However, as my interest in business concepts and growth has increased, I'm learning more about who I am through the process of growing my business, and understand that I offer much more than just pretty pictures. With the name "Saxon Design," there is nothing there to set me apart in someone's mind other than the fact that my name is Saxon. What I have learned about myself and my business over the past few years (and particularly over the past 15 months) is this: what does set me apart is my strategic thinking about marketing and how design fits in with my clients' overall strategies. THAT is what I feel the name of my business needs to reflect. 

Have you had a change of heart about your name? Have you renamed your business? What did that process look like for you?

If you’re looking to rename your business, our recent product, It’s Who You Know, includes a section called Getting Started: Creating Your “Personal Brand,” and is complete with the “Business Naming Worksheet.” 

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