3 Simple Ways to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile from "Resume" to "Resource"

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Although LinkedIn was one of the earliest social networks, it seems to be having a resurgence lately. Maybe it's just taken this long for it to find its place.

But I've noticed that the creative professionals I want to connect with are spending more time and interacting more on LinkedIn. So I am too. If you aren't, maybe you should be...

(This is part of a bigger strategy that I've been writing and speaking about lately that calls for integrating content marketing into your direct outreach to cultivate relationships with your ideal clients. I introduced the idea in this video from Owners Summit 2018.)

It starts with your profile.

One of the best ideas I've seen lately comes from my favorite LinkedIn Expert, Viveka Von Rosen -- if you want a model for the ideal LinkedIn profile, check hers out!

Viveka talks about turning your profile from a "resume" into a "resource," which makes particular sense for self employed creative professionals. 

Why? Because if you're self employed, you have no need for a resume!

So how can your LinkedIn profile be a resource?

Do this: include relevant content that is useful to your ideal clients, by:

  1. Adding "tips" to your "summary." Share not only information about who you help and how, but add a few tips to "show what you know" directly in your summary. (See how I just did that here.)
  2. Publishing articles on your profile that speak directly to your target market (as you would and do on your blog -- in fact you can republish your blog posts on your LinkedIn profile). (See mine here.)
  3. Adding content to your "media" section. Include PPTs, videos, podcasts and any other "media" in the "media section" to show your content strategy.

Read more about this in, From Resume into Resource, by a colleague of Viveka's, Brynne Tillman. 

And here are a few more LinkedIn strategies for creatives: 

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