H1, H2, H3 — how to use them right!

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I recently discovered I’ve been using rolls of foil all wrong. (There’s a little tab inside the box that keeps it secure while you unroll a piece! Life-changing!) In case you’re doing the same thing with your website’s headings, I’m here to help.

Do you know when you create a blog post (or new page) — and see all those heading options? 

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.

They all look different, stylistically.

They probably go from largest to smallest (as they should).

But, they aren’t just different so you have choices. There is a particular way to use them according to best practices: SEQUENTIALLY!

If you are using headings in the wrong order, this will negatively affect your SEO, your accessibility and your user-experience. Read my latest post, How to use headings correctly, to learn how to use headings properly from here on out. 

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