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Leading up to my big Cyber Monday event where I launched the Simplest Marketing Plan for 2024, I shared a lot of marketing success tips, “Minisodes,” and extras to help you get a strong start on the New Year.

Here they are in one place, so you can binge them all!

Short on time? I’ve added a star to my three favorites. Start there.

Here’s where to find everything:

Cyber Monday LIVE Event Replay

Watch my hour-long live launch of the Simplest Marketing Plan, where I shared how to be consistent with your marketing… why you don’t need iron willpower to get it done... how to stay top-of-mind to your ideal clients without “pestering” them… and more.

Watch The Replay Here:

“All it Takes is 30 Minutes a Day” Minisode Series

Want to build a business you can depend on next year in just 30 minutes a day? Start with these four simple mindset shifts.

Minisode #1: How to Build Momentum in Your Marketing

Minisode #2: Discipline Doesn’t Work - This Does!

Minisode #3: Attract More Clients without “Bothering” People

Minisode #4: Marketing that “Lights You Up”

Answers to Your “Burning Questions”

Over the last couple of months, I shared my video answers to three of your burning-est marketing questions. Watch those here:

#1: What Should You Be Doing on LinkedIn?

#2: How Do You Keep Marketing When “Life Happens”?

#3: What’s a Better Alternative to “Pitching”?

Quick LinkedIn Tips:

How to Build Momentum on LinkedIn

Posting vs. Commenting on LinkedIn - Which is Better?

[Podcast] A Peek Inside the Simplest Marketing Plan:

Listen to: One Year of the Simplest Marketing Plan with Florian Schleicher

See how Florian used my three tools in Simplest Marketing Plan in an all-new way to turn his business around - and borrow a few of his ideas for your own business.

Marketing Success Redefined
Watch this series of 1-minute YouTube “shorts” to get a new success mindset going into the New Year.

#1: How You See Your Success vs. How I See It

#2: Success Starts with A Mindset Shift

#3: Baby Steps & Small Wins

#4: The Power of “Showing Up” in Your Marketing

Happy binging!

And if you’d love my help building your business through simple marketing this year, you can still pick up my Simplest Marketing Plan for 2024 and get invited to every monthly live Office Hour session next year! Get it here.

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