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I love collecting excellent examples of marketing tools that my clients are using to grow their creative businesses. 

Today I want to share 3 recent marketing messages from a design firm, a designer, and a copywriter.

1. Here's an email marketing message from Cleveland Design, The Year in Review (also posted on their blog here). It's an effective way to show your clients and prospects what you're up to and the breadth of your capabilities. 


2. Here's an email marketing message from Kathy Giarrano.

This is a good example of what to say when you're evolving your business, whether changing the name, merging two web sites into one or any other shift in your business. I especially love the fun, conversational tone of her message. It's perfect for her market!

3. And here's a guest blog post from copywriter, Deidre Rienzo -- but I love it! Read 2017 by the Numbers.

If you find these helpful, you can find more "Excellent Examples" here.


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