Ending The Year Strong - With Generosity

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If you’re looking for some quick ways to end the year strong, I’ve got a few ideas for you to try today.

The first one is, "You Reply, I Donate."

I just did this in my own Quick Tips newsletter - in which I donated $10 to the National CARES Mentoring Movement every time someone replied to the email.

CARES empowers black youth through mentoring, STEM programs, and more. And its founder, Susan Taylor, was one of my very early clients. She always supported my work with love and was one of my teachers when it comes to taking good care of your people.

This “you reply, I donate” idea is a form of “generosity marketing” that I learned from another dear client.

It’s a great way to bump up engagement in the last month of the year and give to a cause you care about at the same time. Win-win!

Try it in your own newsletter or by inviting people to comment on LinkedIn.

Karen McElmoyle, a longtime client and new member of SMP+, does this especially well in the December issue of her LinkedIn newsletter, LevelUp Creative… PLUS she added the “birthday as a marketing tool” strategy! It’s a marketing bonanza!

You’ll see another example of “you-reply-I-donate” marketing in today’s “Best Bits” video…

Plus three more super-simple ideas to end the year strong using each of the 3 tools in the Simplest Marketing Plan: High-Quality Content, Targeted Outreach, and Strategic Networking.

Speaking of generosity marketing…

Should you send gifts to clients around the holidays? Weigh in and see what other creatives think here on LinkedIn!

Thanks for reading and showing up this year. It’s been a fantastic year and I am so grateful that you’re here.

Ready to make next year better than the last? Grab a copy of The Simplest Marketing Plan for 2024 and join me live every month to stay on track with your marketing all year long.

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