Does your creative business need a budget?

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Podcast Episode #393: Budgets & Bankruptcy with Ean Murphy

In today’s episode of the, I talked with Ean Murphy of Moxie Bookkeeping and Coaching about budgets (yours) and bankruptcy (hers).

I began by confessing that I've never had a budget so I asked her to explain what exactly is a budget when your income is -- by the very nature of your work -- unstable.

I love Ean's definition: a budget is "your best guess of what's going to happen" and she acknowledges that often, a budget is quickly out of date. 

Ean's business is about helping creative professionals reframe how they think about money, teaching them what they need to know about their financial situation -- and no more! She claims that you don't have to learn accounting to be financially literate and to understand the basic concepts that will let you run a successful solo creative business.

She breaks down all the financial jargon so you can understand your money and, most important, keep more of it. 

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