Do People Follow Up Anymore? [QTMM 2/24/18]

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I connect with some people, and not at all with others. You too, right?

And I want to work with the people I connect with, don't you?

But how do you cultivate those relationships so they develop into productive and satisfying (and lucrative) projects and collaborations?

I was just watching the video interview I did recently for the Creative Confidence Summit (it's free to watch now through early Tuesday morning.)
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In it, I describe how I personally cultivate relationships so that the right people find me and, best of all, already trust me by the time we talk in real time. That's the foundation of a strong relationship. 

And that is the essence of everything I teach, whether in one-on-one mentoring sessions or through my online courses and downloadable products in the Marketing Mentor Shop.  

Follow up is key to cultivating relationships.

But have you noticed that very few people actually follow up, whether after meeting in person or after finishing a project?

I know why.

You don't know what to say -- but the point I make in the interview is that it really doesn't matter what you say! 

It's enough to ask how they're doing with something you know they're working on or struggling with. 

Hell, you can ask how the weather is! Or how business is. Or how their new puppy or grandchild is. Anything to keep the connection alive.

What matters is being genuine and generous. 

Because relationships need cultivating, otherwise they die. Out of sight, out of mind is the reality. 

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