[Best of the Podcast] Michael e. Stern on Thriving as a Creative Professional

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In August of 2015, I got a call out of the blue from a photographer inviting himself to be on The Marketing Mentor Podcast. He told me he had experience to share.

Well, 3 years and 15 episodes later, I am glad I said "yes" to time lapse photographer, Michael e. Stern, when he burst into my life. 

I've just posted our 15th conversation to close out my 10th year of podcasting. And I've aggregated all of our episodes here, on topics ranging from self doubt to cold calling to tiered pricing, and lots of conversations about dealing with money as a creative person. 

This is excellent holiday binge listening - if you're into that sort of thing! Enjoy. 

#346: Should You Barter Your Creative Services? 

#338 Managing Your Money as a Creative Professional

#336: How to decide how big your business should be? 

#334: How to Break Down Your Services for Tiered Pricing

#325: How to Handle Demanding Clients

#305: How to Prevent Self-Doubt from Creeping In

#301: Simple Client Communication Tactics 

#295: Value-Based Bartering 

#293: How to pursue projects that are perfect for you 

#286: Are You Keeping This Secret From Yourself? 

#282: Don’t Make The Mistakes We Did

#279: The Art of Giving Good Phone

#277: Pricing Wisdom from a 36-year veteran

#275: Here’s a Niche: Construction Time Lapse Films 

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