Best advice I ever received + more from my "lightening round"

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Here's the "lightening round" (a quick Q&A) from my recently published interview with Brent Weaver on the Digital Agency Show.

Listen here and read below...

Brent: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Ilise: Listen. It’s really that. It’s really the idea that everyone thinks they need to be talking more and that’s one of the things that gets in the way. I advise people to just listen and ask a lot of questions and learn as much as they can.

Brent: I love that. I think you are the first guest who has given me one word. I was about to say something and I was like, “Wait a minute, she said listen. I’m going to listen for a second.” Which of your personal habits has contributed most to your success?

Ilise: I’m very disciplined. I get up early. I’m very structured. It’s really important, if you’re going to run a business and be someone that others rely on, to have that much discipline. I find a lot of my clients lack that discipline and need to build it. It’s really just a muscle. That’s helped me all along.

Brent: That’s great. Can you share an internet resource, a tool that you use that helps you in your business or life, something like Evernote, or Trello, or whatever that you think our listeners would find value in?

Ilise: One of the things that I’ve been appreciating lately is that YouTube will automatically transcribe a video. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that. I like to capture the text from the things that I listen to. I’ll select the automatic transcription and then I can capture the text and use it for my notes so I don’t have to write everything down.

Brent: We use that when we publish our content to YouTube to make sure that there’s the subtitles or the captions or whatever. I’ve never actually thought to use that for myself, for other content that I’m consuming. What book would you recommend and why?

Ilise: One of my favorite books lately, it’s not that new, is called, The Most Human Human. It’s about the Turing test actually, which is a computer test based on work by Alan Turing. It’s just fascinating, talking about what makes us human and the difference between humans and computers. I think part of the challenge now, as so much becomes automated, is to again remain human and develop relationships with people. This book, I’ve just loved and I’ve given it to a lot of people.

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