Are you procrastinating or....?

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Should we be sending out email newsletters and posting on social media when the world is on fire?

Should we use these platforms for messages that go beyond marketing?

That's the question I have been answering lately, and this week especially.

It's a very personal question and each of us has to decide for ourselves. (I'm here to help if you want some guidance for your particular situation.)

Still, I do have one answer that can apply to everyone: "sagacious delay."

I think of "sagacious delay" as the opposite of procrastination -- or his more feminine "better half" or alter ego.

For example, when I have a task on my "to do" list -- like send out this message -- but something just doesn't feel right (because, for example, the world is on fire), I practice "sagacious delay."

I wait. I don't pressure myself. I just wait until something changes. Until the moment feels right. Or until a different message or strategy reveals itself. 

That's what I did yesterday with an email newsletter. I waited until this idea appeared in my brain.

This is not what I intended to send. But it seems right for today -- although I'm still not quite sure.

DO THIS: Ask yourself: Is there something in your life that is asking you to practice sagacious delay? If so, try it and let me know what happens.

While you're waiting, you can...

And if you want to do something meaningful, I suggest voting.

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