54 Niches for Copywriters

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Yesterday, my friend Tomas published a new "copywriter edition" of The Niche Notebook.

Niche Notebook for Copywriters

Dive deep into 54 examples of niches actually picked by copywriters—complete with links to each copywriter's website and LinkedIn profile. In many cases, there is a link to an interview so you can hear the thinking behind the niche. 

Here are a few excellent examples from the list:

  • Diane Boerstler, "The hypnotic Amazon sales copywriter."
  • Emily Allen, "The Gym Copywriter."
  • Edward Beaman, "The Designer's Copywriter."
  • Dave Loomis, who serves the marine industry.
  • Casey Hibbard, who specializes in "customer case studies."

Other copywriters have found their home in niches like "real estate investing," "plants & gardens," "entertainment," or "small, family-owned industrial manufacturers." 

Some of these copywriters have been working their niches for decades, some have just taken the plunge. 

Find all of the above and 45 other specializing copywriters in The Niche Notebook.

You can download the whole list!  Maybe yours is even included?

And of course this is the perfect companion to The Pick a Niche Kit, which walks you step by step through the niche-choosing process AND is still on sale.

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