4 Year-End Marketing Ideas Centered Around Gratitude

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It's almost December but I hope you're not finished with your marketing for the year. 

I highly recommend at least one more effort centered around gratitude. Here are a few ideas using the 3 top marketing tools I've been hammering on lately:

  1. Treat your top 2-3 clients to a holiday lunch and do some planning for next year. (That's strategic networking.)
  2. Send a holiday thank you gift to your top 10 clients (I do love the chocolate from MarieBelle.com) (That's targeted outreach.
  3. Write a blog post with your favorite holiday recipe and publish it on your LinkedIn profile. (That's content marketing.)
And, here's my favorite year-end idea that could easily bring in some extra cash in December: Find out if any of your clients have money they need to spend before year end. (They usually do.) Let them know you're offering a special "year end package" that includes a year's worth of your services, at a wee discount if they pay in full in advance. Try this today and let me know what happens. (That's just plain smart.)

    These ideas are a taste of what you'll get when you order my new "at a glance" marketing planner for 2019.  

    I'm trying to keep it really simple this year so here's the deal:.

    On Jan. 2, you'll get the first installment of the simplest marketing plan I've ever created -- all on one page, delivered to your inbox every month.

    It will have simple, doable ideas like the ones above, including prompts and ideas for blog content. PLUS, you are invited to a monthly group coaching session I'm calling "office hours." (First one is scheduled for January 10 -- and yes, you get the replay!)

    Big value that won't overwhelm you -- for a one-time payment of $49.

    Buy it here: http://bit.ly/2019-planner

    If you already ordered it (thank you) and you're thinking you may need a refresher on picking a niche or a step-by-step explanation of tiered pricing, all my other bundles (and more) are on sale too in the Marketing Mentor Shop!

    And if you're feeling isolated and are looking for a group to join in 2019, check out the new "Small Group Coaching" I'm offering.

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