3 Questions for 2020 [QTMM 12-18-19]

1. What will you leave behind as we move into the new decade?
2. What mistakes did you make in the last decade that you vow never to repeat -- and how will you make sure this happens?
3. And what will you do more and/or better in 2020?

These are 3 of the questions coming up in my small coaching groups this week as we begin goal-setting for 2020.

I've been talking about "internal goals," a new idea I shared in a video clip from the December Office Hours. (Watch that above or here

For #2, I can tell you that most of my mistakes are the result of small acts of laziness. It really is the small things that make a difference and that add up, to either improve or worsen your life. (You get to choose.)

So here are 3 of my commitments for a better 2020. I will:

  1. Take that extra moment to think through the effect of an action I am about to take.
  2. Catch that tiny typo (or that dang auto-correct) by re-reading a message before I send it.
  3. Make that extra effort to confirm a date or time, especially if I feel a tad too certain.

Notice a common denominator? All these commitments require me to stop rushing and take my time. Because that extra minute will save me much more time later. 

I elaborated on this idea in a recent interview on the Real Women in Business Podcast with Cass McCrory. (Listen to that here)

And I'll see you in the new decade!