2016 by the numbers (repost)

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In 2015, I hit a milestone that seemed unreachable when I started out 9 years ago … I reached my corporate salary from 2007. So of course, I was thrilled. But I was also scared because I had raised the bar and I wondered if I could do it again. Was it sustainable? (Maybe this is something we all worry about?)

This year, I’m relieved and thrilled that I was able to exceed last year’s numbers by $4000 (though I did land $2000 short of my projected yearly goal). Either way it’s a win, because without having a goal, I wouldn’t have had anything to aim for.

Special thanks to Ilise, whose tools and teachings are always close by, to my accountability buddy, Jeanine Davis, who kept me on track and moving forward, and of course — to all of my amazing clients.

As I’ve done in 2013, 2014, and 2015—here is my 2016 by the numbers:

  • Years in business – 9
  • Total clients – 41
  • Clients who are designers – 20
  • Client websites written – 23
  • Client blogs + newsletters written – 100+
  • Clients for whom I write monthly or bi-monthly blog posts, newsletters or case studies – 7
  • Times I quit coffee (and then started again) – 6
  • Times I gave up self-checkout – once and for all!
  • Un-newsletter subscribers (sign up here) – 469
  • Un-newsletters sent (read them here) – 5
  • Weeks of vacation taken – 4
  • Visits to the chiropractor (time for a more ergonomic work station?) – 15
  • Times I thanked my lucky stars for being able to do what I love — countless

Thank you for reading, and happy 2017! I wish you success, joy and growth in the year to come.

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