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Marketing Mentor

Birthday Pack 1: Marketing Bestsellers

Birthday Pack 1: Marketing Bestsellers

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Need a marketing-smarts kickstart?

Get my Birthday Pack 1: "Marketing Bestsellers"

With the Marketing Bestsellers Pack, you will get to:

  • Pick your niche with the updated and revised "Pick a Niche Kit" ($99 value)
  • Map out a plan with the "Get the Work You Want Marketing Plan" ($59 value)
  • Tell the story of how you help with the "Case Study Bundle"
    ($99 value) 

Birthday Sale price: $61
Total value: $257
Your savings: $196

Here's what's in each of the 3 toolkits

1. The Pick a Niche Kit 

10 Ways to Focus

There isn’t just one way to focus. There are many different (and highly creative) ways to approach it. In the Pick a Niche Kit, you’ll choose from 10 possibilities. PLUS, you’ll see actual examples of real creative professionals — with screenshots and links to their websites — who are using each type of focus. That way, you can see exactly how they show and talk about their niche in the public realm. (And that’s not including the additional 5 examples you’ll get in the companion ebook from, "To Specialize or Not to Specialize? How 5 Happy Freelancers Found Their Niche.”)In all, you get 27 examples to use as models for your own inspiration.

3 Worksheets

This is where you take what you’ve learned from others and apply the concepts to your own situation:

  • Clone Your Favorite Client: To get a crystal-clear description of your dream client, this worksheet asks you all the questions you need to identify the characteristics of the clients you want to work with.
  • Target Market Brainstorm: To get to your top 3 niches, this worksheet prompts you with examples of many different niches to choose from and a matrix and scoring system that helps you determine which 3 are best for you.
  • Is Your Market Viable?: To get to the most viable markets for you, this worksheet shows you how to assess which is the most viable niche, so you don’t go down a rabbit hole with a niche that can’t support your business.
and 6 podcast interview (with transcripts)!
PLUS: How to Find Your Client’s Pain Points 



2. The Get The Work You Want Marketing Plan

This basic marketing plan is ideal for newbies or "marketing newbies" -- that's you if you've only gotten work through word of mouth and have no marketing system in place -- yet!

In it, you get: 

  1. Two weekly marketing checklists—a handy cheat sheet of how to use the tools—literally, what to do each day of the week! Plus a version you can customize for yourself.
  2. The Marketing Plan: a 93-page pdf downloadable document that explains simply and clearly the 4 best marketing tools for creative professionals and how to use them. (As long as you're doing this, you don't have to worry about all the other marketing tools.) This part includes:
    • The 4 Essential Marketing Tools for Creative Professionals
    • List of example keyword phrases to make searching for your prospects easier
    • Model of Ideal Client Criteria to customize and build your own
    • 4 of the best places to start your search for your ideal clients
    • 7-step sample outreach campaign to get work
    • 3-part formula for what to say when you reach out to a “warm prospect”
    • 4 actual examples of “offers” you can make to get creative work
    • What never to say when you send a message to a stranger
    • 4 most effective content marketing tools to get creative work
    • 12+ actual topic ideas (that you can steal!) for newsletters and blog posts
    • Template for your follow up email message
    • 5 follow up tasks you should be doing weekly
    • 8 things to add to your web site to make it marketing-smart
    • Tips to make your web site copy welcoming from Deidre Rienzo of
  3. Marketing Mentor Stay-on-Track Spreadsheet: This simple Excel spreadsheet has pre-determined fields for the essential information you need to keep track of your best prospects. Use this spreadsheet in cahoots with the eCalendar as a tickler, to prompt you on the next step for each prospect.
  4. Podcasts. Three podcast interviews (and complete transcripts) with creative professionals who are using these tools and getting results!
  5. Pricing Webinar. Audio and transcript of Ilise Benun's webinar, “3 Steps to Success” with complete transcript.
  6. Marketing Video. Video and PPT of Ilise Benun's presentation, “The Art of Attracting the Right Clients."
  7. Electronic calendar that syncs with your iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook and pops up every day with your marketing task.

PLUS, you get:

  • Tips and articles on the latest social media and networking tactics that are working for creative professionals
  • Examples of well-positioned homepages for creative professionals



3. The Case Study Bundle: 7 Steps to a Case Study That Closes the Deal

If you have trouble closing the deal with ideal clients, it may be because you're not giving them what they need at that crucial moment in their "buyer's journey."

The Case Study Bundle can help. You get 156 pages chock full of solid tips and simple instructions, including:

  • 7 simple steps and best practices for case studies that make your client say, “This is exactly who we need!”
  • Bonus Article: How to close the deal (and what to say!)
  • 1-page Worksheet: Build Your Next Case Study
  • PLUS 14 Excellent Examples of Actual Case Studies from these generous creative professionals: 


Ready to set yourself up for the success for the rest of the year with the Marketing Bestsellers Birthday Pack?


Don't wait. Buy now. The clock is ticking.


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