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Profit from Your Personality

Profit from Your Personality

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The ultimate toolkit to attract and land more clients you’ll love working with

This "bundle of bundles" will teach you how to put more of yourself and your personality into your business to gain confidence, comfort and cash.

With a soup-to-nuts approach—including a dash of oreo cookie—these resources cover how to shape your brand positioning, craft a great bio, communicate your value through click-worthy one-liners, and write a winning proposal that lands great clients.

Here's what's in Profit From Your Personality: 

1) Personality Lite Bundle ($397 value)

by Danielle Hughes from More Than Words Marketing

Learn how to put more of yourself and your personality into your business to gain confidence, comfort and cash

If you're constantly asking yourself, "Why doesn't my copy sound like me?"; if you know your message and bio sound generic; if you struggle to attract the right clients but aren’t sure why...this bundle is for you. There's a Personality Brand buried inside you that's waiting to get out and this bundle contains two of the most requested and effective downloadables that are trusted and verified by audiences everywhere (plus a ton of other amazing stuff). 

What's inside:

  • Create your Brand Positioning Worksheet + How-to video 
    • An easy and fun worksheet to help you create that vital Brand Positioning 
    • A short but effective video with clear instructions and guidance to help you create a positioning statement that speaks directly to your target audience AND details exactly what you can do for them that no one else can (time to unleash that awesome)
  • About Me Mad Libs Digital Download + How-to video 
    • The most fun Mad Libs yet! This tool makes writing about yourself a no-brainer and gets you started — the hardest part for everyone. 
    • Short companion video walks you through each step to create an about page or bio that separates you from the crowd and sizzles and sparkles with personality.
  • How to Put it All Together video 
    • Now that you have your Positioning and your Bio, it’s time to put them together. This video shows you how, so you can create your own Personality Brand. The world is waiting! 
    • Plus, see several before and after examples to show you the true power of personality (in case you need more convincing, which you won't). 
  • BONUS downloads:
    • Personality Brand Bio Checklist — 10 easy but effective things you can do right now to add personality to your bio (in case you need more, or just want to!)
    • How to Write the Best Out of Office Messages — showcase your personality and drive engagement even when you aren’t in the office

2) Copy Camp for Headlines, Titles + Email Subject Lines ($197 value)

by Lisa Mullis of Paraphrase Communications

Learn how to write great headlines, titles, and subject lines to up your opens, get the opt-ins, and amp your offers

Headlines, titles, subtitles, subject lines… they’re simply the icing on the cake, a finishing touch to the masterpiece that is your email or article or program or sales page… right?


In fact, these tiny elements of text are the difference between getting opens, conversions, and the kind of revenue you make in your business.

Your content could be stellar BUT a boring email subject line, a blah headline, or a completely vague title for a lead magnet means all your hard work is getting ignored and deleted.

With Copy Camp for Headlines skill up your writing chops so you get the opens, opt-ins, and thriving client base you deserve.

What's inside: 

  • Base Camp — Foundational concepts of copy that converts
    • The biggest mistake you can make with your content and what to do instead
    • The core elements of any great one-liner and how to find them so you can write good zingers nearly every time
    • 2 copywriting rules to follow to ensure your content is always compelling and resonant
  • The Art of the Start — Email subject lines that pop the inbox
    • 3 never-fail formulas for great subject lines
    • What to do about emojis and personalization
    • Words to avoid that make your email a sure-fire send to the spam folder
  • Naming and Claiming — Headlines, titles, and subtitles for offers, freebies, and other content that make them must-reads and must-haves
    • The one thing that every title/subtitle pairing should contain to 10X your conversions
    • The easiest way to get the biggest ‘aha’ from your reader in 10 words or less
    • 3 other formulas that always work
  • Just Right Invites — Call-to-action buttons & links that get the click
    • How to write outcome-based CTAs that make that click a no-brainer for your prospect
    • Design tricks that increase conversions for buttons & links
    • What to do immediately AFTER you get the click
  • Plus, you’ll get…
    • Real-world examples so you can see the copywriting techniques in action
    • Fail-safe, fill-in-the-blank templates you can use right away
  • BONUS download:
    • Define Your Brand’s Star Power Blueprint — discover and use your brand’s unique value to bring the right customers into your orbit

3) Win Every Project with the Proposal Oreo Strategy ($297 value)

by Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor

How to solve the problem of “Just send me a proposal” with a cookie

It’s not what you write in your proposal that persuades your ideal prospects that you are the best fit for their creative project. 

It’s you! 

That’s why it’s essential to bring you into both your proposal document and, more importantly, your proposal process. Not only will this illustrated version of Ilise Benun’s popular course from Domestika make doing proposals fun. It will also show you how to bring yourself into your proposal – and that’s what will win it. 

Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Win Every Project with the Proposal Oreo Strategy —16-pg illustrated recipe eBook & printable versions. In this super easy and fun to read ebook, you’ll learn:
    • 8 Questions to ask during The Qualifying Conversation. That’s the first one you have with your prospect where you set the right precedent (unless you don’t)
    • 10 Essential Elements in Your Proposal. Even a simple proposal has most of these elements, especially the ones most people forget to include.
    • Dos and Don’ts for Presenting Your Proposal – that’s where you shine and what makes it impossible for your client to say no! 
  • Lead the Call video—In this interview that got left on the cutting room floor of the original course, Ilise Benun interviews Mary, a successful web designer about how she leads the qualifying call with confidence! You’ll find out:
    • Mary’s qualifying process and what questions she asks before she invests time in a meeting & the most effective question Mary asks to demonstrate her value (and tells her how to price the project)
    • Which red flag Mary looks for determine whether a project is likely to suffer from “scope creep” (and so she should charge more) and how she weeds out those who won’t be able to follow her process
    • How Mary responds when someone says “Just send me a proposal” and exactly what Mary says to get her prospects to say yes to a live call to present her proposal.
  • 2 sample proposals—brand new, excellent examples of proposals that won the project, one from a successful web designer and another from a successful videographer.


Who's Behind this Bundle of Bundles? 

Personality Lite Bundle
by Danielle Hughes, More Than Words Marketing

As the Chief Personality Officer of More Than Words Marketing, Danielle Hughes helps individuals and institutions to develop their Genuine Personality Brand. This allows you to own and embody your message, feel comfortable expressing it and convey what makes you different from your competition so you can attract the right audience and repel the wrong one.

Danielle’s client list is long and storied, but since she's showing off, it includes brands like Google, eBay, Discovery Channel, PwC, Capital One, Gap, TD Bank, SEO, Columbia University and The Jed Foundation among others.  

And while she can’t pull a rabbit out of her hat, she can hone your brand message, engage your audience and deadlift you or your employees, but not at the same time. That’s just irresponsible. (note: Danielle is available for office party tricks and accepts payment in bottles of Bordeaux.)

Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn and sign up for her newsletter Raising the Bar.

Copy Camp for Headlines
by Lisa Mullis, Paraphrase Communications

As a brand strategist and copywriter, Lisa helps service-based professionals clarify their messaging and streamline their marketing so they work with better clients, regain their time, and take home more money.

She works with new business owners to get clearly defined brand positioning and the words that win clients—online and in real life. For advanced business owners, she and her team create high-converting marketing funnels that improve profit and predictability within their organizations.

Throughout the year, Lisa holds live events on messaging and marketing for service providers and shares actionable ideas through her weekly newsletter.  Join her mailing list to stay in the loop and connect with Lisa on LinkedIn.

How to Win Every Project with the Proposal Oreo Strategy
by Ilise Benun, Marketing Mentor

Ilise Benun has made it her business to teach basic business skills – that is mindset, money and marketing to creative professionals who should have learned them in school but, alas, did not because it’s not taught in school. This has, for years, perpetuated a “starving artist” mentality amongst creative professionals, who are naturally talented and could easily bring their creativity to the business side of their business, if only they knew how. That’s the mission she’s on with all of her work through, including The Simplest Marketing Plan, The Marketing Mentor Podcast, 7 books including The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money, multiple online courses for Creative Live and and much more. 

Connect with Ilise on LinkedIn and get her Quick Tips at 


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