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MM Toolbox (DBA Marketing Mentor)

4 Marketing Plans Galore Bundle

4 Marketing Plans Galore Bundle

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If you just can't decide which marketing plan is right for you, get all 4 of them.

Almost every year since 2010, I've developed a new marketing plan tailored to the needs (and temperament) of creative professionals. 

Although marketing keeps evolving, the main ideas (and most of the marketing tools that work) are still the same and still work -- when you use them consistently over time. 

That means these marketing plans from the past few years are still relevant and effective, even as we move into a brand new decade.

So if you like variety (most creatives do!) and they all seem good and you just can't decide which one is right for you, I have good news: you don't have to decide!  

Here's a tiny highlight of what you'll get with each: 

  • With the "2021 Simplest Marketing Plan" you get SMP 3.0
  • With "Get the Work You Want" you get a simple marketing checklist.
  • With "The Marketing Blueprint" you get the prospect tracking spreadsheet
  • With the "30 Minutes/Day" Plan" you'll use content marketing to become a thought leader. 

Try them all. There are 4 of them so you can try a new one for each quarter. 

You'll see which one works best for you, which fits your style or your mood at any point during the year. 

Download all of them now!


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