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Digital Proposal Bundle

Digital Proposal Bundle

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In this 145-page download, you get 11 actual proposals from Marketing Mentor clients + Digital Proposal Cheat Sheet + 2 articles. PLUS: Emily's Basic Proposal Template FREE!


Digital projects are different.

When it comes to creative services, digital projects—such as web sites and other interactive applications—tend to be more complicated, more confusing, more technical, and more prone to delays and changes in scope than print projects ever were. That's why the proposals you submit to win those projects need to be different too—better, stronger, more comprehensive, more detailed and more reassuring to the client, because sometimes the clients are not so clear on what they need.

Here's the solution that will make your digital proposals stronger.


 In the new Digital Proposal Bundle, you get:

  • 11 actual proposals covering the copy, design and coding of web sites of all sizes and for a variety of industries.
  • The Digital Proposal Cheat Sheet, covering the specific aspects of digital proposals that can be especially tricky
  • 2 new articles on best practices for proposal writing

You'll see how these creative professionals prevent scope creep and delays from derailing these interactive projects by:

  • clearly addressing the potential for scope creep (so they don't have to absorb the cost)
  • ensuring the client understands their shared responsibility for keeping the project on schedule (and what happens when they don't do their part)

Here are the 11 proposals in the bundle, which you can use as models for your own:

  1. Simple Web Site Redesign for Any Industry (Single #32)
  2. Digital & Print Ad Campaign for Equine Industry (Single #33)
  3. Web Site Redesign + WordPress Development for Non Profit (Single #34)
  4. Technical Web Redesign for Member Assoc. (Single #19)
  5. Website Redesign for Higher Ed (Single #15)
  6. Corp ID, Print & Web for Aviation Industry (Single #14)
  7. Web Copy for a Technology Company (Single # 26)
  8. Ecommerce Copy for a Children's Product (Single #28)
  9. Web Copy for a Design Firm (Single #29)
  10. Website Refresh + Update for Investment Bank (Single #3)
  11. Website Revamp for Law School (Single #4)

PLUS: The Digital Proposal Cheat Sheet covers important details that can easily derail an interactive project if not addressed in advance:

  • The Scope
  • The Content
  • The Technology
  • The Value
  • The Process

Ready to get the resources you need to create the strongest possible digital proposals to win the projects you want? Download it now and you'll have it open and ready to use immediately.

What are you waiting for? Buy the Digital Proposal Bundle today


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