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Case Study Bundle: 7 Steps to a Case Study that Closes the Deal

Case Study Bundle: 7 Steps to a Case Study that Closes the Deal

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Is “closing the deal” your weakest link?

If so, you’re not alone.

And as your competition gets stiffer, it becomes more and more important that you learn how to skillfully (and gracefully) convert a "warm" prospect into a real, live client – without becoming the “pushy salesperson” you dread. 

For many creative professionals, one of the main challenges to closing the deal is showing your prospect how you are different from (and better than!) others being considered.

You see, your prospect knows little to nothing about the work you do:

  • how complex it is
  • how much time to you take to get it right
  • how much effort you put into it

They have no idea how much of a perfectionist you are and how much you care about doing the best job you can.

They don't know, that is, unless you show them. 


With case studies.


Because when a hot prospect is ready to decide, a carefully crafted case study will make them say those magic words -- the goal of all of your marketing: 

“This is exactly who we need.”

A strong case study will have that much impact because it speaks directly to your ideal prospect about their problem – in their language -- and shows how you have solved that same problem for a client just like them. Therefore, you can obviously do the same for this prospect.

That’s why the case study is often considered, “The Perfect Marketing Tool” – and it’s especially perfect  in that crucial moment, when you either win them or lose them.

Use case studies to:

  • walk them step by step through your process
  • share the secrets to your client’s success
  • and show them that you are exactly who they need because you’ve successfully helped people just like them. 

In fact, case studies are more effective than the traditional portfolio for designers and other visual creatives! And of course, it's a no brainer for any type of writer or copywriter. 

But too many people don't know best practices for a strong case study and haven't seen excellent examples. 

That is over! Introducing....

The Case Study Bundle:
7 Steps to a Case Study That Closes the Deal

This 156-page download is packed with solid tips and simple instructions, including:

  • 7 simple steps and best practices for case studies that make your client say, “This is exactly who we need!”
  • Bonus Article: How to close the deal (and what to say!)
  • 1-page Worksheet: Build Your Next Case Study
  • PLUS 14 Excellent Examples of Actual Case Studies from these generous creative professionals: 
    • AF Studio
    • Bauerhaus Design
    • Bright Umbrella
    • Honey Design
    • Killer Infographics
    • L&A
    • Strategic Design Studio

So if you’ve been wanting to use case studies to promote your creative business but haven’t known how, take a moment now to download this brand new download -- there's nothing else like it anywhere!



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