Marketing Mentor Events Calendar

If you need Accountability and Community, here's where you'll find it.

These are all the up-to-date and scheduled events with Ilise Benun and Marketing Mentor (related to the Simplest Marketing Plan), such as Office Hours, Virtual Co-Working sessions, Action Intensives and the newest Outreach Club! (All shown in Eastern time)

Here are the options: 

  • Action Intensives: These are 8-session small group coaching workshops of 1 hour each over 3-4 weeks. They are designed to focus on and help you master one marketing tool at a time -- with time during that hour to get the work done. So far there are "intensives" for LinkedIn, Outreach, Email Newsletters and the newest, Tweak Your Marketing-Smart Web site, Cringe-No-More Proposals and The Money Conversation.
    Find the details and sign up here:
  • The Outreach Club is for you if you are serious about keeping your pipeline full and getting your marketing done. You know what outreach or LinkedIn you need to do and this is like making an appointment with yourself to get it done. You know you'll do it if you pay for it!
    So join us every Wednesday, 1-2 PM ET. The format is 15 min Q&A, 30 min work session, 15 min wrap up/lessons learned -- it feels so good to get it done! It's not free but it's very affordable -- use the link to pay -- the Zoom link is on the calendar: $25/each or $75/mo
  • The Virtual Co-working sessions are free and included in the fees when you work with me 1:1 or in the small coaching groups. But if all you want is accountability and community, you can get a 3 month pass for $150 per quarter, which includes access to the private Slack channel. (Pay for that here.) Or you can get a one-year pass for $500.
  • And be sure to add this calendar to your own so you never miss what we're doing.