Your niche: skill or industry?

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How exactly do you find clients if your "niche" is a skill set or service you offer, rather than an industry you want to work in?

I hear this question a lot and I answered it when Valerie, a copywriter, asked it in a recent Office Hours group coaching session (which is free when you buy the Simplest Marketing Plan 4.0 for 2022.) Buy it before the next one on Friday Feb. 11 at 2-3 PM ET. HERE:

If you want to hear my complete, almost 3-minute answer, watch the video (above or right here)

If you want the nutshell version, here's what I said:
"A horizontal niche is a service or skill, like SEO copywriting or web design. But that won't help you find "your people." So my suggestion is to choose a couple industries or target markets that you can present your skills and services to. Then (using the tools in the Simplest Marketing Plan) see if those markets respond positively. If they do, then you can position yourself, for example, as the "web writer (or designer) for the X & Y industries."

This distinction between horizontal and vertical niches is just one of the many topics covered in my most popular product, "The Pick a Niche Kit," in which I explain 10 ways to think about your niche.

The kit also includes worksheets to help you identify possible niches and determine how viable they are for you. It will help you narrow it down and find your focus, which is the key to success as a solopreneur. Check it out here:

Another excellent "niche" resource
One of my favorite "niche" resources is, a web site built by my good friend, Tomas.

It's dedicated to helping you pick a niche (especially for designers and developers but relevant to anyone offering a creative service). It's got more excellent examples than you could possibly need. 

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