Your Business Is Your #1 Client

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After reading my recent blog post, "When Your Marketing Feels Like A Second Job," SMP member, Rosa Fierro, sent me an insightful thought that I had to share.

She said:

I was thinking about what you mentioned, that someone said marketing is like another job.

I think is not a job but a client, because we need to see our business as we see any other client’s business. We just don’t pay attention sometimes because we are so busy.

If we plan to include in the calendar this important project (our marketing, advertising, networking and brand), then we will take it more seriously.

I am guilty of not doing my marketing. So, I will schedule time in my calendar as meetings with myself and create a project time line and DO IT, really do it.

It is not another job, it is an important project, an important client: Our business.

What a great way of looking at your marketing - as a project you're doing for a client.

Who's the client? Your own business!

And Rosa's on the right track with scheduling time in her calendar and making a project timeline to get it done.

It doesn't have to take all day. 30 minutes a day is all you need!

Not sure what to do for those 30 minutes? Grab the Simplest Marketing Plan for 2023! I'll guide you through what to do and even give you a weekly structure to follow.

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