Which RFPs should you pursue?

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When an RFP comes along, how should you decide whether or not to pursue it?

Rather than relying on any subjective feelings you have about an RFP opportunity, it’s a good idea to develop a systematic process with specific criteria or a checklist of questions.

Here are a few questions to consider before putting in a proposal:

1. What are your chances of winning it?
2. Does it align with your goals?
3. Does it support your positioning?
4. Is the organization one you’d like to work with?
5. Does it have a healthy budget?
6. Can you speak directly to the decision-makers?
7. How serious is the project?
8. Do you have the time?

I discuss these questions in depth in my new book, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money (available for pre-order).

What do you ask yourself before responding to an RFP?

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