Where my confidence comes from [QTMM 1/3/18]

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To start off the new year, here is a very simple idea that is at the root of what I think of as my own self confidence:  

Life is an experiment. That means every day, you try something new and, even if you mess up, you learn and do it better next time.  

For example, with each new prospect, I try a little something new during the free mentoring session -- how I listen, or how I explain my process, or even the way I answer the question, "how much does it cost to work with you?"

Every single time, instead of saying the same thing like a robot, I make a slight adjustment to fit the person I am talking to.

As you can imagine, with each try, it gets better, smoother, clearer. 

And with each "experiment," I get more confident. 

I did that all through 2017 and here's what I realized: 

Uncertainty -- not certainty -- is at the root of self confidence.

Here's another example. When I present new material or teach a brand new course, as I did last month at CreativeLive (ICYMI) I never know if it will work. What I do know is that it will be just fine.

With that knowledge (or rather, that uncertainty), I can relax, experiment a bit, do my best job and see what happens.

This idea is the foundation of that new CreativeLive course, "Don't Get Pushed Around: An Introvert's Guide to Getting What You Need at Work" and in it, I defined confidence as "knowing you can handle whatever happens." 

In fact, today's Quick Tip is an experiment to articulate this new idea -- I'm not sure yet if it's working. (If you like what you read, sign up for the tips here.)


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