What's the easiest content marketing to do?

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According to The Simplest Marketing Plan 4.0 for 2022, one of the 3 most effective tools to attract your ideal clients for your creative business is content marketing.

I know what you're thinking...."There are so many types of content and so many ways to do content marketing. How do you choose?"

Start with what's easiest -- and one of the easiest types of content marketing is an "expert roundup."

Case in point....I was invited by Envato, a company that also serves creative professionals, to contribute a few tips to their "expert roundup" on how to start a small business. 

Of course, I said yes. Why?

It's a win/win!

    I share my ideas. They share my content. 

    They share my ideas. I share their content.

    You're reading it, right? 

    Plus Google loves it because it's really long! And it's full of the keyword phrases their best prospects are using to find the kind of help they give away (and sell). 

    Want to see the excellent example?

    It's called, "How to Start a Small Business: 20 Expert Tips and Small Business Ideas."

    Check it out here and then try an "expert roundup" post for yourself.

    Here's how:

    • Step 1: Find 5 experts to reach out to for "expert content?"
    • Step 2: Draft a simple request for them to share their ideas.
    • Step 3: Collate everything into a post and share!

    Then publish or post it on LinkedIn and tag me so I can share it. 

    It is that simple! 

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