Simplest Marketing Plan 4.0 for 2022

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It’s time to redefine success for solopreneurs.

If success for you is more control....

...more control over your business (and your life). 

...more control over your cash flow (and your money).

...more control over your relationships (and whom you work with).

...and most importantly, more control over your time (and how you spend it) since that’s really all we’ve got....

....then keep reading.

What does more control look like? 

  • You set the boundaries for how you work and how you get paid.
  • You decide who you want to work with and then you go after them.
  • You decide what to charge, then negotiate the best deal for yourself.
  • And you decide how much time you need to do your best  job on a project — not your clients.

But first you have to learn. 

It's not that complicated but there are basic marketing skills that make this degree of control a reality. Those skills are at the core of The Simplest Marketing Plan

Here’s what’s new:

  • Six new case studies of Marketing Mentor clients who are making this plan their own, adapting the tools to fit their comfort zones and making it work for them. (The two most introverted of the six even got speaking engagements in 2021!)
  • Six new lessons (with articles and videos for all types of learners):
    • The three phases of a creative business: Which phase Is your business in?
    • Optimizing your social profile: LinkedIn for creative professionals
    • How to close the deal: winning the work
    • How to avoid feast or famine forever: The money-making mindset (includes the 4 pillars of success)
    • Overview of the Simplest Marketing Plan Framework
    • Channeling your chutzpah for success

    Of course, you also get:

    Black & white printable version — for those who like to work with paper, this year we've added a distilled version you can print with QR codes that link directly to all the videos and other resources. 

    The Prospect Tracker — an amazing document that not only helps you keep track of your prospects, but also has email templates (written by me!) to use in your outreach— really!

    Monthly email reminders from me with a "DO THIS" — just in case you get a little off track. (It happens.)

    Free access to monthly Office Hours group coaching session on Zoom — if you've attended, you know how inspiring they are! Plus you get to network with the other awesome creative professionals in my community.

    It’s a live interactive presentation and discussion where you can:

    • get a refresher on how to use the marketing tools
    • see excellent examples of how others are using them
    • do some networking in breakout rooms with like-minded creatives
    • and, of course, get your questions answered in real time.

    These sessions are great for learning, but also to show you you’re not alone in your struggles.

    Here’s what a few have said:

    “Connecting with others as a solopreneur is my favorite thing.”
    “One of the main reasons I purchased the Simplest Marketing Plan was to have access to Office Hours.”
    “I like the office hours, too — I feel like it’s a wrap from the month before and a kick off for the next month.”

    The one-minute highlights

    Are you ready for success?

    These strategies work — the creative pros you’ll meet in The Simplest Marketing Plan 4.0 are running thriving businesses.

    But you’ll never hear them talk about the “six figures” they’re making or the “millions of clients” they’re attracting. Not because those things aren’t happening. But because that’s not how we define success. 

    Success is being secure in the knowledge that you can build the business of your dreams, without the marketing nightmares. 

    Success is having the confidence to know that you don’t need to look at the “job listings” anymore, in case you need a backup plan.

    You don’t need a backup plan. Make The Simplest Marketing Plan your plan — it works.

    Success is having the confidence that, even if your worst-case scenario comes to pass (you lose a big client, or your entire niche shuts down/disappears), you will pick yourself up and figure out how to reframe and evolve your business to make it even better. 

    That, to me, is success. 

    That’s what I’ve built for myself, and I’m on a mission to help you build it for yourself, too. 

    So if that’s what you want, I suggest keeping it simple. 

    That’s the essence of The Simplest Marketing Plan.

    Here’s what one beta-tester wrote:

    “I read it from start to finish and in my opinion the 2022 edition is the best so far!

    This year’s edition has all the good things from last year: A monthly group coaching session, the planner itself.

    Of the new things I particularly liked:
    • “How to optimize your LinkedIn profile.” I wanted to work on my own LinkedIn profile right away!
    • The “Should You Submit a Proposal?” decision tree — love it! Simple to use.
    • The “How to close the deal: winning the work” section — a complete sales training in just 11 pages!
    • The new case studies make me feel like “I can totally do this.”

    You can totally do this!

    Buy The Simplest Marketing Plan 4.0 now.