What You Can Do About "Impostor Syndrome"

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What better day than Halloween to tackle Impostor Syndrome?

If you are among the 70% who struggle with Impostor Syndrome, today's episode is for you. Dr. Valerie Young, the world's leading expert on the topic, joins me to discuss why it afflicts so many men and women (especially creatives) and what you can do about it. Valerie literally wrote the book and owns the URL impostorsyndome.com – that speaks volumes!

In fact, I first heard about impostor syndrome in the 90’s when I met Valerie, who, at the time, was writing her first book on the topic. Fast forward 20+ years....

I lost track of Valerie for a long time, but she stayed focused on her topic and became the world's leading expert, writing books and speaking to groups and major corporations -- all of whose members and employees are also among that 70% who struggle with Impostor Syndrome.

I recently reconnected with Valerie and she graciously (and immediately) accepted my invitation to educate me (and you) on what we can do about this very debilitating problem. Because, as bad as you may feel about yourself, worse yet is how Impostor Syndrome affects your ability to price confidently and earn the living you have the potential to earn -- if only that nagging voice in the back of your head would leave you alone!

That's why I love her distinction between "imposter life" and "imposter moments." What Valerie teaches is not necessarily how to "get rid" of Impostor Syndrome, but, more realistically, how to think differently about ourselves to feel less like a fraud less often and for shorter and shorter periods of time.

So listen here (and below) and learn…


For more on this topic, check out this blog post for "Experienced Newbies" -- people who feel insecure because they are doing something new after a long career of experience and expertise and somehow forget to carry over the confidence that came along with that expertise. 

Also, watch this recent video in which I talked about a mindset that will help you find the clients you can serve with confidence and therefore feel less like an impostor. 

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