A Simple Way to Eliminate Imposter Syndrome

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Don't you want to be the one to choose who you work with?

In this video, I shared a new idea about how to build a marketing machine that not only eliminates feast or famine, but also keeps your pipeline full enough to be picky about who you say yes to. It gets rid of imposter syndrome too!

You see, there’s not a lot we can control in life. But there is a lot in your business you can control and that includes who you work with.

I love being the one to choose who I work with -- not in a snobby way.

But because I know my strengths and to whom I will be most helpful.

That’s what I’m listening for during the “free mentoring session” -- can I really help this person? 

None of us need thousands of prospects...just a few really good ones.

You want them to land on your web site and see themselves reflected in your marketing-smart homepage and say, ‘this is exactly who we need”

What is a "marketing smart web" sites? It:

  • Is less about you and more about your clients
  • Speaks to their needs and goals and pain points

Here are a few of excellent examples of marketing-smart homepages:

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